10 Professional Athletes who Double as the Cutest Parents

10 Professional Athletes who Double as the Cutest Parents


10. Candace Parker


In 2009 Candace Parker missed only the first eight games of the WNBA season to give birth to daughter Lailaa and was named to the All-WNBA second team and the All-Defensive second team that season despite missing games due to maternity leave and raising a newborn. She commented this February on Facebook, "I'm in awe of her. Thank you for always rolling with the punches, being willing to adjust, and seeing the good in everything." Talk about an adorable mother-daughter duo.  

The Barcelona center back tweeted, "I have the cutest family:)" It's hard to argue with a  Spanish heartthrob whose wife just so happens to be  International Superstar Shakira. The duo have two little boys and despite their busy schedules, they are always seen together as a family. Shakira and Gerard are definitely the cutest parents. 


8. Gordon Hayward

If this picture of Utah Jazz All-Star Gordon Hayward holding his baby didn't make you "Awwww" we aren't quite sure what will. College sweetheart and wife Robyn Hayward captioned this picture on Instagram, "Usually I will keep really special pictures private because we don't have a lot of privacy in our lives, but this picture is just so sweet I have to share it." Thank you, Robyn, for sharing one of the all time cutest Daddy-Daughter pictures ever. 

7. Kerri Walsh Jennings

The craziness of being a mom can be overwhelming but Kerri Walsh has faced having three children between three different Olympics with tact and grace. She has two sons and a daughter one of which she was five weeks pregnant during the 2012 London Summer Olympics where she won her third consecutive gold medal. Kerri is nothing short of a super mom. 

6. LeBron James

LeBron and high school sweetheart Savanah Brinson have three of the cutest kiddos. Two sons, LeBron Jr. and Maximus, as well as one daughter, Zhuri. LeBron grew up without his father and has used his absence as motivation to be the best father he can to his children. On February 19, 2014 he commented on Instagram, "Wow Dad, you know what, I don't know you, I have no idea who you are, but because of you is part of the reason who I am today. " LeBron's dedication to his family definitely makes him one of the cutest professional athlete parents. 

5. Jessica McDonald

American professional soccer forward and a member of national US team Jessica McDonald is the ultimate "soccer mom." McDonald's social media is covered in Mommy- son cuteness as the duo travel, read, have photo shoots, and do just about everything they can together. McDonald tweeted the caption "my heart and soul is here! #mamasboy!" to a video of her son running into her arms at the airport. Talk about heart melting. 

4. Steph Curry

Steph captioned this picture on Facebook,

"Coach Riley: 'Daddy, why did you miss 9 3s?'"

Daughter Riley became an overnight internet sensation after Curry took her to his press conference in 2015 where Riley told her Dad to "be quiet" and dropped a few rap lines from Big Sean. Curry's youngest daughter Ryan is known for her almost unbelievable cuteness and spunk.  Despite being  an NBA MVP Steph Curry always finds time to make his daughters feel special making him one of the cutest professional athlete parents. 

3. Dwayne Wade 

What does one of the most achieved basketball players have to say about being a father? " Fatherhood isn't something you do for awards or acclaim. It's a privilege and a huge responsibility." In 2012 Wade published a book called "A Father First," about dealing with the balances of being a professional athlete and a single father proving to everyone that Wade knows what it means to be a Dad. 



2. Devon Stills

In 2014 defensive end Devon Stills daughter was fighting for her life. Stills dropped everything to help his then 4-year-old daughter battle neuroblastoma. When Stills first found out he considered ending his football Career. He told USA Today, "When I found out, I told my family I was done. Done. I didn't feel comfortable leaving my daughter while she's going through this." Stills went to every extent to make his daughter feel comfortable including shaving his own head. In March of 2015, Leah won her battle and was cancer free, however, Stills continues to have the same level of dedication and love for his daughter. 


1. Tom Brady

Married to International Supermodel Gisele Bündchen the two have two adorable kids together. Known for having the absolute most adorable pictures together after all five of his Super Bowl wins Tom Brady is the cutest Dad. After his last Super Bowl win, Brady was teary-eyed when he told reporters that his Dad was his hero. It's no wonder that Brady puts so much time and energy into being the best Dad he can to his little ones.  


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