The 10 Highest Paid MLB Players

The 10 Highest Paid MLB Players


Fame or money?

I imagine most athletes would love to have the camera time and social media fame that today's most popular MLB players are receiving. However, if money is what you're seeking while playing in the Big Leagues take my advice, learn how to pitch.

7 out of the top 10 MLB salaries for 2017 belong to starting pitchers. The question is, is it worth it to empty the piggy bank to secure today's pitching greats? These ball clubs seem to think so. 

It's hard to believe that big time names such as Kris Bryant, Bryce Harper and Mike Trout aren't even on the big time money making list. Here's an interesting stat,  according to Kris Bryant is #2 for jersey sales, Bryce Harper is #5 and Mike Trout is #7.  If these guys are so popular with the fans, how come they don't top the money making list?

Out of the 10 players on this list below, 7 of which are starting pitchers, and only 1 lands a spot on the top 10 list for jersey sales. That player also happens to be the highest paid player in Major League Baseball. So it would seem that one player has figured out how to land a spot with the fans, as well as land the number one spot in the check book. Well done Mr. Kershaw, well done. 

Take a look at the 10 highest paid MLB players in 2017:


10. Jon Lester

Team:  Chicago Cubs

Position:  Starting Pitcher

Salary: $25,000,000

9. C.C. Sabathia

Team:  New York Yankees

Position:  Starting Pitcher

Salary:  $25,000,000

8. Albert Pujols

Team:  Anaheim Angels

Position:  Designated Hitter

Salary:  $26,000,000

7. Felix Hernandez

Team:  Seattle Mariners

Position:  Starting Pitcher

Salary:  $26,857,142

6. Justin Verlander

Team:  Detroit Tigers

Position:  Starting Pitcher

Salary:  $28,000,000

5. Miguel Cabrera

Team:  Detriot Tigers

Position: 1st Base

Salary: $28,000,000

4. Jason Heyward

Team:  Chicago Cubs

Position:  Right Field

Salary:  $28,166,666

3. David Price

Team:  Boston Red Sox

Position:  Starting Pitcher

Salary:  $30,000,000

2. Zack Greinke

Team:  Arizona Diamondbacks

Position:  Starting Pitcher

Salary:  $34,000,000

1.  Clayton Kershaw

Team:  Los Angels Dodgers

Position: Starting Pitcher

Salary:  $35,571,428

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