The Top 10 Greatest Basketball Players of All-Time According to Google

The Top 10 Greatest Basketball Players of All-Time According to Google


Michael Jordan vs Lebron James? Lebron James vs. Kobe Bryant? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar vs. Magic Johnson? It's time to put an end to the dispute. How many times have you told a friend to "just Google it"? FireFan is here to put an end to the age old question of who the greatest basketball player of all time is by doing simply that - googling it. Here is the top 10 greatest basketball players of all-time according to Google. 

10. Kobe Bryant

Devoted Laker fans will be shocked to see that the "Black Mamba" is coming in at the bottom of the list. Apparently his 5 Championship rings didn't impress Google. 

9. Hakeem Abdul Oljawon

Houston's sweetheart known for the "dream shake" retired in 2002 after three MVPs, two Defensive Player of the Year awards, and 2 National Titles. 

8. Larry Bird

Hall of Fame Larry Bird comes in at number 8. The Celtic phenomenon won 3 NBA Championships and was an Olympic Gold Medalist. 



Shaquille O'Neal

Known for his enormity and humor on and off the court, Shaq became an instant fan favorite. A favorite quote from O'Neal includes, "Me shooting 40 percent at the foul line is just God's way to say nobody's perfect." 

6. Magic Johnson 

Hall of Fame Earvin Johnson Jr. nicknamed "Magic Johnson" after a sportswriter witnessed him score 36 points in high school. After 12 dominant years in the NBA, Magic was forced to retire after revealing he had tested positive for HIV. 

5. Bill Russell 

Possibly the most achieved basketball player to ever play the game, Bill Russell won 11 NBA championships during his 13 year career and was named the NBA's Most Valuable Player 5 times. 

4. Kareem Abdul- Jabbar

Abdul-Jabbar leads the NBA in points scored, games played, minutes played, field goals made, field goals attempted, blocked shots, defensive rebounds, career wins, and personal fouls. 

3. LeBron James

Named the "King" himself, LeBron James is arguably the most dominant and athletic player to touch the ball. Despite constantly being criticized, LeBron is the only current player on the list with years left in his career to secure his spot. 

2. Wilt Chamberlin

Wilt Chamberlin was the NBA's ultimate "bad boy." In multiple interviews Chamberlin claimed to have slept with 20,000 different woman. However, that's not the only impressive stat he put up having received 5 MVP titles. 

1. Michael Jordan

Unanimously the most known basketball player of all time, Jordan changed the way the game of basketball was viewed and played by millions.  

Actual screenshot of Google's "Top 10 Greatest Basketball Player of All-time". 

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