The 7 Craziest Sports You've Never Heard Of

The 7 Craziest Sports You've Never Heard Of


1.  High Speed Trike Drifting

It's every toddler's dream - a super trike that drifts. Drift trikes were invented 8 years ago in New Zealand and this sport has since become one of the fastest growing extreme sports in the world. There is even an official league in the US called, "The American Drift Trike Association."  Watch these's nuts.

2.  Wife Carrying

Show your wife how much you love her next year by competing in the Wife Carrying World Championship. Yes, this is a real thing. Every year couples (who don't have to be legally married) compete in a crazy obstacle course to win a rather inebriating prize: the wife's weight in beer. This global sport originated in Finland and has been around for over two decades now. Every year it continues to attract fans and participants from all over the world - you can see why. 

3.  Cheese Rolling

It appears that Green Bay Packers fans aren't the only ones who are obsessed with cheese. Every spring an insane event takes place in Gloucester England - the Cooper's Hill Cheese Roll. Hundreds of people chase a circle of cheese down a massive steep hill while flipping and flying through the air. They say the cheese is "to die for," and I guess it must be true if so many people are leaving with broken bones instead of the highly coveted cheese.

4.  Bossaball

Bossaball: Home of the Flipping Jump-Kick Spike

Flipping Jump-Kick Spike:  The process in which a player starts flipping, jumping, kicking and spiking a ball towards an opponent's face in attempt to earn points.  

The only place to find the flipping jump-kick spike is with a sport that combines soccer, volleyball, gymnastics and music. Thank you Spain for creating a sport that requires the most elite-skilled athletes. 

5.  Headis

Love the concept of ping-pong? 

But you only have sweet soccer skills?

If so, then Headis is your sport. It follows table tennis rules, but you can ONLY use your head. It was invented in 2006 and there are currently 18 German universities who offer Headis as a course in school. The sport has started to spread and now has an estimated player base of 80,000. During the 2016 World Championships they had competitors from 12 different countries. 

6.  Gaelic Football

Soccer + Basketball + Rugby = Gaelic Football

This is an Irish team sport and is currently the most popular sport in Ireland. The championship game draws crowds of more than 80,000 people - about the same size of MetLife stadium, home of the New York Giants and Jets. That's not the craziest part - all of the players, coaches and managers are prohibited from receiving payment. Yes, these athletes who are drawing crowds comparable to the huge NFL stadiums, do not get paid. 

7.  Foot Golf

Soccer + Golf = Foot Golf

This sport emulates all the rules of golf, but in order to score, you have to kick a soccer ball into a cup instead of hitting a tiny golf ball with a club. The cup size is 21 inches wide, the average hole is around 150 yards and the soccer ball is a regulation size 5. The official Footgolf uniform consists of a golf uniform with soccer cleats. This is probably the easiest sport on our list, and the chances of you not losing your ball are a lot higher - looking forward to actually playing this one!



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