The Un(Official) Ranking of College Football Jerseys

The Un(Official) Ranking of College Football Jerseys


Can you feel it? The days are getting a little shorter and the night air is getting a little crisper. In a little over a month's time, Summer will be coming to an end, and we all know what that means - college football is around the corner. Close to 100 million devoted fanatics will soon be on the edge of their seats. There is something delightfully peculiar about the sound of helmets coming together and the way those big Friday night lights make you feel when a deafening scream is released throughout the stadium and your favorite team runs out of the tunnel with their school's colors borne on their backs. While we wait for this season that's sure to be full of those sacred hair-raising moments we college football fans so look forward to, here's an (un)official list of the swaggiest college football jerseys in the recent years.

10. University of Maryland

, Terrapins

Love them or hate them? Maryland is the only college with four official colors and they display them in a very unique and creative way. Maryland’s helmets and jerseys are covered in the pattern of the Maryland flag. Hot or not? Let us know in the comments below.  

9. United States Naval Academy, Goat

The Navy’s motto is, "non sibi sed patriae" which in English translates to "not for self but for country." These sleek white-on-white uniforms make the Navy squad look like a well-oiled team that is ready to go to battle together on the field.

8. Notre Dame, Fighting Irish 

Notre Dame was first founded in 1842 and played their first football game in 1887. Seven Heisman winners later, the Fighting Irish are still considered today to be one of the Nation's most elite football programs. Plus, did we add that their modern vibrant green-on green uniforms and gold helmets are “fresh to death?"

7. University of Michigan, Wolverines

Michigan’s first football stadium was built in 1927 at a cost of $950,000 and originally had 72,000 seats, the largest college football stadium for many years. We love these simple, classic uniforms worn by one of the “original” college football teams.    

6. Texas Christian University, Horned Frogs 

TCU ranks as the 18th best college football program of all time, the 4th best private college football school of all time and has two National Championships. We love the intimidating black-on-purple camouflage uniform. 

5. Arizona State University, Sun Devils 

Arizona State football released its new Adidas uniforms called “Be The Hammer." These jerseys were debuted fierce charcoal-on-charcoal uniforms against UCLA and received instant attention on social media. 

4. San Diego State University, Aztecs 

These Aztec uniforms were designed by Sonny Sanfilippo, an SDSU grad who said he was inspired by an Aztec calendar he used to walk by on his way to class. The 2015 Aztec helmet looks as though each helmet has been delicately engraved with the Mayan Calendar. Fans erupted with positive feedback in 2015 when San Diego State released their designs and these helmets are still considered some of the hottest in the Nation.

3. UCLA, Bruins 

UCLA debuted these black-on-black uniforms on October 22, 2015 for a stadium-wide blackout against their cross-state rival Cal. The Bruins finished the season in these jerseys 8-5.  

2. Boise State University, Broncos 

Boise State is projected by ESPN to finish 8-2 in the coming 2017 season and will be debuting in these bright orange uniforms when they take the blue turf at the notorious Albertsons Stadium.

1. University of Oregon, Ducks

The Oregon Ducks have changed the way that we 100 million fans see college football. Thanks to Oregon alum Phil Knight, the visionary founder of Nike, the Ducks are known across the nation for having the highest, best quality of uniforms. These electric jerseys were debuted in 2016 and remain our favorite jersey the Ducks have worn to date. 

Now that you’ve seen our top 10 ranking for college football jerseys, let us know if you agree on the order in the comments below. 

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