6 Most Inspirational Sports Movie Scenes

6 Most Inspirational Sports Movie Scenes


There is something beautiful about sports.

Something beautiful that makes you lose your breath and get weak in your knees. Something that sends a cold rush down your spine, and makes the ends of the hair on your arms rise. Maybe it's the knowledge that the performance you're watching didn't start when the whistle blew, but is a sum of years of practice, dedication, determination, and sheer grit. Perhaps it's the fact that on any given day, any person can rise up and become the hero. It's honest, it's honorable, and because every sport applauds the performance of the physical body, it gives all those in attendance a look into the depths of the human soul. The below list is a dedication to the films that have eloquently portrayed how sports can touch souls. This is a list of scenes that will give you the chill-inspiring, heart-warming feelings that reminds you it's good to be human. 

6. Remember The Titans

In the state of Virginia, high school football was treated as something sacred. When the local school board forces an all-white school and an all-black school to integrate their student bodies, the community is shaken. With help of African American Coach Boone and Caucasian Coach Yoast, the football team members are brought together to become a unifying symbol of trust and unconditional friendship. In this scene, the team is faced with difficulty as the referees are purposefully trying to blow the Titan's perfect season. Remember the Titans is a story of how one team of rowdy teenage boys can change the lives of an entire community through football. 

5. Rudy

Inspired by the true story of Rudy Ruettiger, the main character Rudy always had the dream of playing football for Notre Dame. However, Rudy stood at a measly 5'6", weighed 165 pounds, and did not have the grades to be admitted into the school because of his dyslexia. Rudy worked his way to Notre Dame by first getting tutored at a community college and then saving money by working as a football stadium maintenance worker. Rudy's "try too hard" approach irritated his teammates, but it was this grit that eventually led him to make the practice squad at Notre Dame. Inspired by his unforgiving relentlessness, Rudy's teammates, convince Rudy's coach to allow him to dress and stand on the sideline for one game. With only 9 seconds left to play, Rudy's coach puts Rudy in for the final two plays. What happens next is the fabric of what miracles are made of. A classic story about the ultimate underdog who beats every single odd and emerges triumphant. 

4. Coach Carter

When Coach Carter arrived at Richmond High School, the team had just finished their season 4-17 and more than half of his athletes were failing more than one class. Determined to change the culture of the team, Carter created a contract for each of his athletes stating that to play on the basketball team, each athlete must attend all of their classes, sit on the front row, maintain a 2.30+ GPA, and wear a suit and tie on game day. Carter's basketball system proves to be extremely successful and the team finds themselves undefeated. Halfway through the season, after receiving disappointing grade reports from their school teachers, Coach Carter locks up the gym and states that they will forfeit every game until the team can get their grade point average up. The community furiously erupts and takes Carter to the school board to end the "lock out". The reaction of his once street fighting athletes will put in perspective the power of a driven coach. 

3. Glory Road

Inspired by a true story, in 1966 Coach Dan Haskin, the new Texas Western College coach found himself struggling to put a team together during his first year. Determined to be successful, Haskin decided to recruit based on talent rather than race. In a world where it was not yet viewed acceptable to have whites and blacks playing on the same court, Haskin's team faces extreme mistreatment and pressure from outside influences trying to tear down the morale of the team. After a season of heartache, hard work, growth, and struggle, Haskin and his team are to compete for the National Championship against the University of Kentucky, a highly favored all-white team, coached by Adolph Rupp who has previously won 4 National titles.  Fed up with racism and the mistreatment of his players, Haskin decides to start five African-Americans, the first time ever in NCAA history. He also decides to ONLY play his African-American players during the National Championship game, another first in NCAA history. The end of the game will give you chills. Glory Road is a movie about how basketball can break down walls and promote the understanding of human character. 

2. We Are Marshall

After a tragic plane crash in 1971 that claimed the lives of 75 of Marshall College's football roster and coaching staff, the town of Huntington, West Virginia is left to mourn and pick up the pieces. The school is left to face the overwhelming decision of restarting a football program from scratch or discontinuing the program in an effort to heal. In a board meeting, the student body rallies together rattling the town showing humanity's relentless ability to overcome heart ache through sports and the value of being a team.  

1. Miracle

In midst of the Cold War in 1980, Coach Herb Brooks is placed at the helm of the U.S. Olympic Hockey team. Herb has the impossible task of taking a group of hot-headed college athletes and developing them into a symbol of hope for their fighting country. The young hockey team is forced to compete against the famous "Soviets" and the war that the Americans are so desperately fighting is taken to the ice. Miracle proves that sports not only has the power to move an individual, but to unite an entire nation. 


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