McGregor vs. Mayweather

McGregor vs. Mayweather


“The Notorious” vs. “Money” is being hyped as one of the all-time best matchups in boxing history. But why? 

My guess, this is boxing’s way of saying sorry for Pacquiao vs. Mayweather and trying to redeem a sport, that in the eyes of many, is slowly diminishing in relevance, respect, and fervor. 

However, a crossover fight like this does one of two things for boxing:

  • Scenario 1: A victory by Mayweather gets boxing a pat on the back. Great job, the 49-0 world class boxer beats a 21-3 martial artist like he should have.
  • Scenario 2: A loss by Mayweather cripples boxing. Not only did one of the most famed boxers in history lose a perfect record, he did so to an athlete from a sport long considered inferior to boxing. 

Which scenario is more likely to happen? 

Out of all the possible fight outcomes, these are my predictions:

  1. Mayweather Wins in a 12 Round Decision. McGregor has taken elbows, fists, knees and the occasional foot to the head during his 24 fight MMA career. So the likelihood of Mayweather knocking him out is slim. However, if it goes 12 rounds, the more technical fighter, Mayweather, will likely win.
  2. McGregor Win by TKO Under 5 Rounds. Conor hits hard and can take a punch. If he lands a solid left hook on Mayweather’s chin, expect a 10 count.  "I will knock this man out before the 5th round" McGregor said in several of his most recent press conferences. He believes he can do it as he's stated, "I bounce heads off canvas."
  3. Mayweather Win by McGregor DQ: McGregor is contractually prohibited from using any MMA moves inside the boxing ring, which means this is unlikely to happen. But, if Mayweather takes a roundhouse kick to the head, he wins the fight and McGregor forfeits over half his earnings.  

What’s the deal with the Gloves?

This fight, under the rules of boxing, will be fought using 10oz gloves. So what’s the big deal? Take a look at what each fighter is used to being hit with.

  • Boxing and Mayweather use 10oz gloves in 147lbs and up
  • MMA uses 4oz gloves, feet, elbows, flying knees and a multitude of submission/clinch maneuvers

Needless to say, this will be very different for both fighters to prepare for.

Mayweather has trained himself to a 49-0 record. But he’s only fought boxers. Training to fight against McGregor may prove to be his most rigorous undertaking yet. 

McGregor doesn’t move like a boxer, train like a boxer, hit like a boxer or hold a press conference like a boxer. 

And it won’t be a cake walk for Conor either as he’s only fought in the MMA, where there is so much more to worry about. 

This is new ground for both fighters.

So, who has more to lose - Mayweather or McGregor?

Mayweather has the most to lose, hands down. He has 49 wins and 0 losses and this is his sport.

McGregor is crossing over to a sport new to him to face an undefeated foe. And I believe that the more Conor gets into his head, the less Floyd will fight like a boxer.

No matter the outcome, the hype will continue, the fight will go on and someone will come out on top. 

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