10 Most Valuable Sport Franchises in 2016

10 Most Valuable Sport Franchises in 2016


Value, value, value! Some would think that if you own a sports franchise and that team wins championships, it is more valuable. In some cases winning helps, but in most, it’s not the end-all. Value is your worth. Your worth is how much money you have if you sell all your assets minus your debt. As you will see, value doesn’t have a great deal to do with your wins. Here are 10 of the most valuable sport franchises in 2016. 

10.  Los Angeles Lakers

Team Value: $2.7 billion

Aside from winning, the Lakers have a $4 billion TV deal with Time Warner and a total revenue of $293 million.


9.  New York Giants

Team Value: $2.8 billion

Ticket sales and NYC!


8.  Washington Redskins

Team Value: $2.9 billion

Surprised? Great market!


7.  New York Knicks

Team Value: $3 billion

The Knicks haven’t won a title in decades, but they have a media deal worth $100 million.


6.  New England Patriots

Team Value: $3.2 billion

Winning has done a lot for this franchise!


5.  Manchester United

Team value: $3.3 billion

Although they didn’t win the title this year, their deal with Adidas for $1.1 billion puts them at #5 on our list of most valuable sports teams.


4.  New York Yankees

Team Value: $3.4 billion

The Yankees have won a total of 27 World Series titles and worth $3.4 billion dollars! The city of New York and its rich tradition drives up the value of the Yankees and will continue to do so for years to come.


3.  FC Barcelona

Team Value: $3.6 billion

Signed a deal with Nike for $175 million per year. Now that's a lot of jerseys and shoes.


2.  Real Madrid

Team Value: $3.7 billion

Soccer is a major sport overseas, and the popularity of soccer is amazing. Real Madrid, who won the league championship last year is worth $3.7 billion. It doesn’t hurt to also have the best player (and highest paid player) in the league by the name of Cristiano Ronaldo. 


1.  Dallas Cowboys

Team Value: $4 billion

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys were the most valuable sports franchise in 2016. Although they have not won a Super Bowl title in 20 years, they have won in the game of business. In 2009, they built a $1.2 billion stadium and also sold the rights of the name of the stadium to AT&T for a whopping $500 million. Those two moves helped drive the Cowboys value to $4 billion! Can you say America’s Team? I would think so.

As you can see value is all about the brand. It’s not always about wins and losses, it’s about sales. Can you sell your brand? It could be the market you are in, the star player you have, or simply drama. Something has to draw attention to your team. Add those factors along with some winning and you can be one of the 10 most valuable sports teams.


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