Flyin' Like Zion

Flyin' Like Zion


Zion Williamson just turned 17 a little over two weeks ago. He's 6'7", 230lbs. He's a physical freak of nature that is drawing comparisons to LeBron James when The King himself was back in high school - and the hype is real.

First things first...WATCH THIS.  

  • LeBron James-esk cock back tomahawk: ✅ 



  • Become mutant superhero: ✅


Third...DRAKE was repping Zion Williamson's high school jersey. 

  • Have the rapper and Toronto Raptor ambassador, Drake, who has 37.4 million followers on Instagram rep your high school jersey:  ✅


Fourth...Zion has his OWN theme song. Wait, what?

  • Be the only high school athlete in the nation with your own theme song:  ✅


Zion wasn't always this big and this athletic. At the start of his 8th grade year he was just 5'9".  Between his 8th and 9th grade years he grew 6 inches, to land him at 6'3" - and then just kept growing after that. He also used to train in the school gym to develop the ability to dunk, and now look where that's gotten him. He's one of the most hyped high school players ever. Like my momma always says, hard work and dedication pays off. 

Not only has Williamson become a social media sensation due to his high flying dunks, he also has become a winner. He led his high school team to win the state championship during his sophomore year tenure, as well as leading them to back-to-back titles his junior year. Zion is about to enter his senior year and the fans from Spartanburg, South Carolina, are hoping for a 3-peat.

Zion is currently a 5-star recruit and the No. 2 overall recruit in the class of 2018. He has yet to commit to play college ball anywhere, so the question on everyone's minds is; where will Zion end up?

Maybe he'll end up in Toronto with his Instagram buddy Drake - only time will tell. In the meantime - just know, the hype is real.  

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