Tom Brady:  The GOAT or Just Lucky?

Tom Brady: The GOAT or Just Lucky?


Tom Is lucky. 

Tom Brady is now given the GOAT - 'Greatest of All-Time' - status for NFL QBs. Who can argue with 5 rings, 4 Super Bowl MVP awards, and 12 Pro-Bowl appearances?

I can.

Tom is definitely great, but not the greatest. He was handed two rings, and they were not earned.

Here are my two examples for proof:

1.  "Tuck rule.”  2001 AFC Divisional Playoff Game.  

Patriots are on a must score drive late in the fourth quarter. Charles Woodson of the Raiders strip sacks Tom Brady. Raiders ball. Game over. Hold on . . . after further review the call is reversed to an incomplete pass!  What the . . . It was a FUMBLE!  

Did Robert Craft give the refs Patriot cheese at halftime?

Patriots go on to win the Super Bowl.


2.  2015 Super Bowl.

The Seahawks are on the one yard line. The best running back in the league is set up to cap off another Seahawk championship. Who stops beast mode for one yard run with two downs remaining? Nobody.

Brady bows his head while sitting on the bench and says a prayer, "please pass and give us a chance to win.”  Yep, the prayer is answered as Russell Wilson throws a pick on the goal line, the Seahawks snatch a loss from the jaws of victory.


Like my father once said, "sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.”

Tom Brady is good, but also very lucky.  Not worthy of the GOAT.

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