Never Give Up

Never Give Up


Giorgio Tavecchio finished his collegiate career at Cal back in 2011, and has been trying to make an NFL squad ever since. 

During his NFL pro day, Tavecchio found himself in a situation he never imagined he'd be in. 


The NFL scouts left the event because of rain, before Tavecchio even got his chance to kick in front of them. In other words, it wouldn't have mattered if he drilled 50 yard field goals over and over again - because there was no one there to watch.

Can you imagine that? Having a goal you've worked so hard for, and when your opportunity comes - you're not given a fair chance to prove yourself?

In his own words Tavecchio recalled, “I told myself, ‘I’m going to kick during my pro day.’  So, I went to kick for my pro day. If nobody is watching, nobody is watching.”

So that's what happened, NOBODY watched.  He never made an NFL roster. 

But, he didn't give up. He never quit. 

He worked tirelessly for the next 5 years trying to make an NFL roster, but only ever found himself on the practice squad. So why keep working? Why keep spending hours and hours perfecting your craft if it's not yielding the results you want? Why keep grinding even though people are constantly in your ear telling you you'll never get to play?

Two words:  A Dream.

On Sunday, Tavecchio was called up by the Oakland Raiders to replace the injured Sebastian Janikowski. After 5 years of waiting, his moment had come.

Every kick, every ounce of sweat, every heartache during the previous 5 years led him to one moment - his NFL debut. 

On the biggest stage, Giorgio Tavecchio made history! 

So why did he succeed? Why did he make history?

He never gave up.

He believed in himself and never stopped working to fulfill his dream. 

When his moment came, his time to prepare was over - and showed he was ready.

To make the performance even more memorable, the Raiders presented Tavecchio with the game ball.

This is what he had to say, "I've dreamed for years about this moment, and it means so much that I get to share it with you all.  To see your smiling faces makes all the hard work, the struggle, the sacrifice, the tears..."

Moral of the story? We all have dreams. We all have things in life that we want to accomplish. We all have "50-yard field goals" we will one day need to kick. 

We have two choices once the road gets tough in an attempt accomplish those dreams; we either give up, or keep kicking.

Let us all draw from the example of Giorgio Travecchio and never give up.

The hard work and sacrifices we all make WILL pay off. 

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