Intriguing Week 14 NCAA Football Matchups and Week 13 Recap

Intriguing Week 14 NCAA Football Matchups and Week 13 Recap


Where to even start!! What a weekend in NCAA Football

Thursday night started with Ole Miss upsetting #14 Mississippi State  31-28, and it didn’t stop there.

Friday, a 4-7 Pitt team rolled over #2 Miami 24-14.

Then came the Iron Bowl. #1 Alabama vs. #6 Auburn. The Tigers, being a tough 2-loss team, dismantled the #1 team in the nation, holding them to just 14 points then winning 26-14. This really shook things up in the CFP.

#3 Clemson, #4 Oklahoma and #7 Georgia all took care of business on Saturday. The same cannot be said for #8 Notre Dame who fell 38-20 on the road to #21 Stanford.

#9 Ohio State took care of business at the Big House and kept their playoff hopes alive.

Week 14 will be the deciding factor for the CFP and the final shuffle for Bowl Predictions. #getyourpopcornready


#21 Stanford vs. #11 USC


Friday, December 1st 8:00pm EST

USC has been streaky at best but they took care of business when they needed to and ended up at the top of the Pac 12. They face off against a tough Stanford team who is coming off a big win against #8 Notre Dame. Each team is vying for a better bowl bid.  


#15 UCF vs. #20 Memphis


Saturday, December 2nd 12:00pm EST

Coming from a smaller conference, both UCF and Memphis need a statement win to be invited to a high-profile bowl.  UCF is undefeated and Memphis, with one loss, will be a scary opponent to a power 5 team.


#12 TCU vs. #4 Oklahoma


Saturday, December 2nd 12:00pm EST

This game means everything to Oklahoma. A loss here would eliminate them from the CFP. TCU, while already eliminated from the CFP, can play spoiler to the Sooners. TCU would like nothing more than to ruin their season.


#7 Georgia vs. #6 Auburn


Saturday, December 2nd 4:00pm EST

One thing is for sure, the loser of this game will be eliminated from the CFP. What is still up in the air is whether or not the winner belongs in the championship. If Auburn wins, it feels like a no-brainer. They beat #1 Georgia and #1 Alabama so if they beat Georgia again, they should be in. If Georgia wins, that throws a whole other problem to the bowl selection process.


#2 Miami vs. #3 Clemson


Saturday, December 2nd 8:00pm EST

Miami losing to Pitt possibly crushed their chances of playing for a National Championship. Beating Clemson will surely bolster their resume and with a strong SOS they may get in. Clemson needs a win to keep on track to becoming a back to back Champion.


#9 Ohio State vs. #5 Wisconsin


Saturday, December 2nd 8:00pm EST

Win and Wisconsin is in. Ohio State will need a little help. And if their QB is still injured, they will need a Cardale Jones like performance from their Freshman star who finished out the Michigan game. With the Big 10 and ACC Championship finishing out the weekend it will be interesting to see how all the pieces fall in place.

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