Nike Releases BRAND NEW NBA Jerseys

Nike Releases BRAND NEW NBA Jerseys


The NBA will begin it's official partnership with Nike this upcoming season. Their first item of business - a complete revamp of the team uniforms. Here are the new specs:

The NBA is abandoning the traditional 'Home' & 'Away' uniforms and will now be calling them 'Icon' & 'Association' editions.

  • The 'Association' edition will be the traditional white uniforms and the 'Icon' will replace the traditional away uniforms. 
  • There will be 2 other editions that will be announced later this winter as well. One will be inspired by the athlete's mindset, while the other edition will be inspired by the community. 

On average, NBA players travel 4 miles per game. Because of this, Nike made changes to the fit, construction and weight to increase agility.

  • Nike re-designed the new uniforms with 3-D body maps which include heat-maps and sweat-maps.
  • The new Nike jerseys wick away sweat 30% faster and dry 15% faster than the old uniforms.

Each Nike jersey is created with around 20 recycled PET bottles.

This will be the first year in NBA history in which NBA team jerseys will feature the logo of a sponsor - very similar to soccer. 


Only a handful of NBA teams have officially announced the new jerseys. These include the Warriors, Thunder, Blazers, Kings, Hornets, Pistons and Pacers. 

Here's a quick look at each of the official releases for the teams not already pictured above. 

The rest of the NBA teams have yet to announce their official new releases, but we have some unbelievable concepts for you. 

An artist named Brian Begley, created his own visionary concepts of the new Nike Jerseys, and they are unreal. I'm not alone in thinking that either. The Atlanta Hawks actually re-posted Brian's designs (note - these are Brian's designs and not yet official Hawks jerseys) on their official Instagram - they are clearly fans.  


With Brian's permission, we have every concept here below for you! 

And for all you hopeful dreamers, here are Brian's concepts for the Seattle Supersonics jerseys - let's bring them back!! He also created the concepts for the All-Star uniforms for this upcoming year.

I'm a big fan of his work, let's see if Nike takes notice like the Hawks did, and makes these come to life. 

To follow Brian Begley, visit Instagram and use the username: @iambrianbegley or visit his website -

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