Fight Of The Century?

Fight Of The Century?



 For the first time in sports history, boxing and UFC (MMA style) will collide on a platform for the whole world to see. Undefeated world champion Floyd Mayweather will square off with UFC multi-belt champion Conor McGregor on Saturday, August 26th, 2017.  


Does McGregor even stand a chance?

McGregor is stepping into unknown territory against what some would call the greatest boxer of this generation.

Conor is known for his ability to end fights with direct power blows, leaving his opponents unconscious, however, unlike the octagon, throwing roundhouse kicks and quick elbows are illegal in the boxing ring. He will be facing an opponent who is known for wearing his challengers down throughout the fight and winning by points, rather than K.O.โ€™s.


Mayweather, more than just a bluff?

Floyd Mayweather has the greatest boxing record of this generation and is recognized as one of the greatest boxers of all time. His conservative style and lightning quick reflexes have kept him ahead of all of his opponents, with a 49-0 record to prove it. Unfortunately, according to running bets and talk on the street, Mayweather will need more than a quick head and steady punches to bring down the UFC champion. Many believe that one strong right hand will leave the money making champ dazed, and possibly down for the count.

The BIG question...

Will the โ€œNotoriousโ€ Conor McGregor land the hit that upsets the boxing world?

Will Floyd โ€œMoneyโ€ Mayweather keep his record untarnished and remain king of the boxing ring?

The world will know for sure this Saturday at the T-mobile Arena in Las Vegas. 

So the big question is, Who Ya Got?

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