Should Colin Kaepernick Be Signed?

Should Colin Kaepernick Be Signed?


What is going on with the NFL right now?

Straight controversy. 

Last year Colin Kaepernick became famous for sitting during the National Anthem, and not famous in the way most NFL stars dream of. 

The adversity that Kaepernick has faced, has also left him unemployed.

NFL owners have not only refused to sign Colin, but they won't even let him have a workout. The only team who even gave Kaepernick a workout was the Seattle Seahawks, but then they signed Austin Davis instead.

Wait... Austin Davis? No offense to him or his family, but who the heck is Austin Davis??

Davis didn't even play in 2016, so if we compare his 2015 stats vs. the 2016 stats of Colin Kaepernick, we'll see this might be a little bigger than football... 

  • Kaepernick had 18 touchdowns in 2016, Austin Davis had 1
  • Kaepernick threw 4 interceptions in 12 games, Austin Davis threw 3 picks in 3 games
  • Kaepernick's passer rating was 90.7 and Austin Davis' was 66.2

Really Pete Carroll? Right after saying that Colin Kaepernick could still be a starter in the NFL, you sign Austin Davis instead of him?

That doesn't even make sense, nor is it fair. 

Setting this Seahawks mayhem aside, Kaepernick still wouldn't have been the starter with Russell Wilson in town - but let's talk about the subject of Kaep and starting QB's elsewhere. 

Colin Kaepernick is BY FAR better than at least 8 of the current active starting quarterbacks in the NFL right now:

  • Tyrod Taylor - Buffalo Bills
  • Mike Glennon - Chicago Bears
  • Brock Osweiler - Cleveland Browns
  • Trevor Siemian - Denver Broncos
  • Jared Goff - Los Angeles Rams
  • Josh McCown - New York Jets
  • Kirk Cousins - Washington Redskins
  • Brian Hoyer - San Francisco 49ers

Let's be honest, we all know he's better than those guys - and they're actual NFL starters. So how in the world can you tell me that we can't beat out those NFL starters, and also how come he can't even get a job as an NFL backup? 

If this is really about football, then it doesn't add up. If it's not about football then it might make sense. 

We all know that Colin Kaepernick sat during the National Anthem, which is happening with other players in the NFL as well - recently Michael Bennett and Marshawn Lynch during the NFL pre-season.

So will the Seahawks release Bennett? Will the Raiders release Beast Mode? 


So why isn't anyone signing Kaepernick?

That question, is for you to answer.

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