The 10 Worst NBA Records That Will Make You Want to Cry 

The 10 Worst NBA Records That Will Make You Want to Cry 

What better way to celebrate the return of the NBA season than by looking at 10 of the most cringe-worthy records ever posted in the Association. Here's hoping your team doesn't make the list this season.

10. 1993 - 94 Dallas Mavericks (13-69)

This was head coach Quinn Buckner's first and last season at the helm of an NBA team. The Mavs dropped 23 of their first 24 games, and stumbled to a horrific 3-40 record by the end of January, before "turning it on" to finish the season at 13-69.

9. 2004 - 05 Atlanta Hawks (13-69)

Despite the off-season acquisition of All-Star Antoine Walker, the Hawks completely tanked under new head coach Mike Woodson, dropping 32 of their final 35 games en route to the poorest season in franchise history. Rookie Josh Smith winning the All-Star Slam Dunk Contest was the lone bright spot in an otherwise awful season.

8. 1986 -87 Los Angeles Clippers (12-70)

The '87 edition of the Clippers finished an impressively bad 53 games behind the division-winning Lakers, thanks in large part to an absolutely horrific 22% shooting from behind the arc. The Clips won only three games on the road all season, leading to their worst record in team history.

7. 2009 - 10 New Jersey Nets (12-70) 

The 2010 Nets set a new standard for awful starts to the season, becoming the first team in league history to start the year 0-18. The team continued on to a 4-46 mark, which tied the record for the worst mark through 50 games by any major US sports team (NBA, MLB, NHL).

6. 1992 -93 Dallas Mavericks (11-71)

Put this team together with the '94 edition of the Mavs, and it might be the worst two-year stretch for any major sports organization ever. Hindered by injuries and a contract holdout from rookie Jim Jackson, the team limped out to a 4-57 mark, before Jackson's return helped avoid complete and utter embarrassment by winning 7 of their final 21 games. 

5. 1997 - 98 Denver Nuggets (11-71)

The 1998 Nuggets have been judged by some to have actually been one of the two poorest teams in league history. A relatively soft schedule made this 11-71 mark even more atrocious and resulted in Bill Hanzlik being fired after his first and only season as a head coach.

4. 1947 - 48 Providence Steamrollers (6-42)

Ah yes, the good old Steamrollers. Shooting an eye-catching 27.4% from the floor (no, that's not three-point percentage, but from the floor), and just over 61 percent from the free throw line, this embarrassment of a team might be a big reason why the Steamrollers disbanded just one year later.

3. 2015 -16 Philadelphia 76ers (10-72)

This Sixers team, marked by the Joel Embiid's absence for a second consecutive season with a leg injury, was accused of tanking hard in the second half to secure the first pick in the 2016 Draft. They were able to do that while posting one of the three poorest records in league history.

2. 1972 - 73 Philadelphia 76ers (9-73)

Setting the league record for most losses in a single season, the Sixers posted 15 and 20-game losing streaks in the same season, leading local media to dub the team at season's end the "Nine and 73-ers." The team finished an unbelievable 59 games back of the division champion Boston Celtics.

1. 2011 - 12 Charlotte Bobcats (7-59)

Although a season-shortening lockout prevented the Bobcats from challenging for the most losses in league history, this 2012 'Cats still managed to post the poorest winning percentage in the Association's history (.106), leading many to question if owner Michael Jordan was suited to lead a team in a front-office role.

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